Iron based metal organic framework

Based on groundbreaking MIL-100, crystals of AYRSORB F100 are most prominently used for de-humidification. This metal organic framework is comprised of Fe3-μ3-oxo clusters and benzene-tricarboxylate (BTC) organic linkers, and can be made with other metals.

In a 2018 science report from Nature, Iron based MIL-100 coated heat exchangers proved to eliminate 36.1% of the working load in refrigeration-based dehumidification, when compared with a conventional air conditioner. In examining the MOFs water absorption S-shaped isotherm, rapid absorption occurs between 20% and 50% relative humidity, making it an ideal sorbent for human ambiance. Adding a green synthesis processes, framegy is commercializing the material for air conditioners.

Beyond de-humidification, Iron based MIL-100 has other extraordinary environmental effects in both adsorption and catalysis. As a coating, it acts as a reagent-less catalyst which breaks down nitrogen oxides under atmospheric conditions, continuously. The power of this MOF could one day be deployed as a building façade that decomposes pollutants into benign molecules. The low cost and manufacturability of AYRSORB F100 make it an excellent product as a multi-use adsorbent.




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