MOF Precursor

The precursor chemical for making PCN-250 and MIL-127, azobenzenetetracarboxylic acid (ABTC) is available at pharmaceutical quality from framergy. And while AYRSORB F250 proliferates as the go-to MOF for new applications, demand is soaring for ABTC.

This 1970’s era chemical had little commercial use before metal organic frameworks became popularized. Due to this fact, there was no large scale commercial supply of organic ligand ABTC, and companies selling the material often ship low quality goods. framergy, with its partners, developed intellectual property to manufacture this ligand and scaled production to multi-ton levels. In addition, the Company also has a suite of exotic ligands available, which create precise molecule traps through ligand elasticity and ligand truncation.


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Quantities at the multi-ton level are available by direct request,

Exotic Ligands Available