Porous organic polymer

Based on PPN-151 and the basal amine functionalization of PPN-6, AYRSORB P151 is used to capture CO2, even at ambient conditions. This porous organic polymer is a melamine-formaldehyde polymer compounded with cyanuric acid, and loaded with diethylenetriamine within its pores.

In a 2012 Angewandte Chemie journal article, porous organic polymer PPN-6 demonstrated shocking carbon dioxide uptake at a wide range of pressures. This included direct air capture at 400 ppm. Porous materials constructed from strictly organic molecules are especially popular owing to their ability to retain their structure and pores upon exposure to water, pressure and high temperatures; conditions that are encountered in environmental applications.

The latest version of this material, AYRSORB P151, has demonstrated the highest CO2 uptake of any solid sorbent (21 wt%). Owing to its solid state, regeneration energy is reduced by half and there is no burn off. No solid adsorbent is better suited for lower pressure CO2 removal from mixed gas streams. Most importantly, framergy solved the issues with uniform production and cost with AYRSORB P151, making this the first POP to be sold to the public.




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